MiTech have been a trusted name in wheelchairs In Australia since 1994 when we first introduced the Swiss made Levo range of stand-up wheelchairs.

As the first provider of this kind of product worldwide, LEVO offers a complete range of stand-up wheelchairs, which meet all individual wishes and requirements with respect to size, type of handicap or location. In this way, LEVO supports the integration of disabled people. The experts in standing – this statement is an obligation for Levo.

MiTech are also proud to introduce the Italian designed and made range of Progeo active design wheelchairs.

Life is full of obstacles that we have to overcome, whether they be sporting, professional or just everyday. We aim to let you live your life with the same joy and vitality as everybody. We believe that care and skills are firm allies in reaching new horizons which stretch beyond your imagination. This is why with Progeo’s patented technologies we can change your life performance.